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Landing page. Step ladder approach. Looking to buy/sell/other About: With an innovative combination of an all in one real estate service, Bally Total homes really nails it on the head with a one stop property shop. It is our goal to provide the absolute best service in whichever avenue you need it in. For the the Listing and Purchasing of your property you’ll be teamed up David Ballantyne, who’s commitment to going above and beyond the expectations of his clients is a number one focus and priority. To suit the need of an ever growing market with a variety of clients Daid also offer servie support in Mandarin. For every other service you may require, Bally Total Homes has stacked a roster of Ottawa’s top performers in their given professions. Whether you need to secure great rates for financing your home purchase, or required trusted, full service property management, Bally Total Homes has you covered all the way. No matter what you are looking for, let the team at Bally Total Home take care of your home needs. We promise to nake this a smooth and enjoyable experience for you! *As a pro active local Business, Bally Total Homes has committed a proceed of sales commision on any house purchased or sold to Indspire.ca. Indspire is a National Indigenious Registered Charity that invests in the educations of First Nations, Inuitu, Metis people for the long term benefits of these individuals, their families and communities, and Canada. Specialising in 

Real estate sales and services Powered by Royal Lepage Team Realty, Bally Total Homes provides exceptional services throughout the sale or purchase of your home. Dave Ballantyne, The Sales Agent representing Bally Total Homes, attaches himself personally to your home or future home and offers a vast understanding of all things real estate. Questions, concerns, ideas, absolutely all things real estate, Dave is there to provide valuable knowledge for your entire journey. Having worked in real estate for years as a general contractor, investor, and sales agent, He is fully present to guide you through the entire process end to end. You’re going to love working with Dave as he is as knowledgeable and professional as he is fun and enjoyable. Understanding the needs and wants of his clients has separated Dave from the others. His knowledge in the industry has allowed him a chance to design some unique services to those clients who wisely choose BallyTotal.Homes. Listed below are a few incentives to list with BallyTotal.Homes 

Front the Facelift- (click on link to open the description and details) Front the face lift- If you are thinking about selling your home for top dollar, the idea of a facelift or renovation has likely crossed your mind. You know that the needed facelift will increase the appeal of your home, and therefore command a higher price. However…you may not be very excited to take on the project of renovating your home, or borrowing more money to finance the project. The “front the facelift” incentive from ballytotal.homes is exactly what you need. ” Front the facelift tm” Is an exclusive service offered by BallyTotal.Homes. It allows you the opportunity to improve the look of your home before you list and sell your home. What a fantastic incentive! No money down, no money borrowed, and you don’t pay for the renovations until you sell your home. The agreed upon cost of your facelift will be taken right out of the proceeds from the sale of your home. You are therefore able to sell your house for top dollar and not pay anything until your home closes. (certain conditions apply please contact BallyTotal.Homes for more details.) 1. b. 

Property Management- You know investing in real estate is a wise choice! What’s holding you back? Being tied down to a rental property and having to cater to the every need of your tenants!? Well, Look no further, BallyTotal.Homes has the most reliable and innovative resources in the industry! Think of this property managment as the “next level, innovative, game changing platform that has been missing in the industry for too long. This is will be “end to end” service including; Intensive tenant screening, real time updates on service requests for the property, automatic rent deposits sent to your account. Some unique features to this property managment platform also include; resident centre portal along with the mobile app, the ability to track the progress of all the maintenance requests, and a customer service focused management and maintenance team. This is next level service and you need to get on the next level! 

 Mortgages – “The most exciting part of purchasing a home”-no one, ever! Seriously though, getting your financing in place to feel comfortable making an offer on a home is a big deal. Having a strong mortgage broker helping you through the process is one of the best ways to navigate the pros and cons and tricky wording of each potential lender. BallyTotal.Homes has built its team with the best in the business. Let our mortgage broker find the best possible deal for you! They will shop around all lenders and not just stop at the bank you use for day to day transactions. Do yourself and your financial future a favour and reach out with any questions. Get full transparency and get a chance to fully understand the conditions of your mortgage. Every deal is unique and you deserve to have a mortgage catered to your wants and needs. 


Renovations- The best way to add value to a property. Front the facelift is an incentive to those who choose the options and agree to list with BallyTotal.Homes and the terms and conditions of that contract. That doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the professional team at Ballytotal.Homes. The fully insured renovation team will take your home to places you dreamed about. There is nothing this team cannot do. Some of the more popular updates and requests we get from homeowners are the removal of popcorn ceilings, new trim work and baseboards. The most desirable request is an updated kitchen, and that too, is fully covered. These are just a few facelifts that will transform your home. The sky’s the limit and the team has a solution for everything you can imagine. If you aren’t planning on selling but simply want to enjoy your updated house, please contact the team for free quotes and one on one design/renovation walk throughs. 

Trade specific General Contracting- Bally Total Homes knows when it’s time to call in the professionals. Individual projects require the skills of individual, job specific tradespeople. When your home needs a little more than a lightbulb change or the fix of a leaky faucet, trust the team at Bally Total Homes. Some projects need a master licensed electrician, a master licensed plumber, or a licensed gas technician, Trust the team at Bally Total home who has experienced the skillset of the team members first hand on countless projects. When it comes to projects requiring inspection of ESA (Electrical Safety Authority), tagging gas connections, or City of Ottawa sign off, rest assured the team has you covered end to end. We will oversee the entire scope of the project, from applying for the permits on the home owner’s behalf, to being on site for the final inspections. Let your imagination run wild, because anything is possible


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